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Had Sandy and her crew come out and I don't know why we didn't call them sooner! They did a deep clean for us and it turned out amazing. Appliances shined like they were new again and things were cleaned in such detailed ways that exceeded our expectations. They were very friendly and professional to work with and very efficient and detailed. No way we would want anyone else to clean for us after this experience and look forward to having them come out again!

Shelly Clements-Daum (5 Star)

09/14/16 Update: it was just my birthday (9/6) and my husband got Rustic Housecleaning to come over and do a deep clean on my house. I came home from shopping and was truly amazed. My tile was shining, my cabinets were sparkling, my refrigerator and microwave looked brand new! All of my laundry was folded!! (I have 4 kids, so it is not an easy task haha) my floors looked beautiful!! The couches were moved and vacuumed under! I was behind impressed!! And what a great feeling to come home to! To finally be caught up on housework! I just can't say enough great things. I especially love that they bring their own supplies! Everything smells great! All my wooden furniture was polished, my picture frames dusted. Ahh it was just amazing. Now it doesn't feel so bad turning 28 lol Big thank you to Sam and her crew! 07/15/2015

Camile Gates (5 Star)

I came home from a long day of work to a sparkly clean house. I highly recommend this company! She got my floors so clean! spots I have not been able to remove are now gone! One happy women here!! Thank you!

Nickie Gebert (5 Star)

OMG!!! Totally amazing!!! Rustic Housecleaning was here for for the first time today and totally blew my mind!!! They helped me get rid of things I have been hanging on to for sentimental ...and other reasons...for over 10 years... 3!!! Washed the walls, ceiling, windows, cleaned the spare refrigerator, hauled everything that I haven't used in over 10 yrs!!! Oh yes...and ripped out the old icky carpeting that my naughty dachshunds have been peeingĀ on...yuck!!! It smells amazing on the first level of my house!!! I never even noticed until today...after Rustic Housecleaning left and walked past my open stair case.. (we have not made it upstairs yet) It smells fantastic in here after Sandy scrubbed the under-layment on her hands and knees with vinegar and some other special potion to take the smell away!!! Rustic Housecleaning goes above and beyond...One of Sandy's assistants Steph is amazing also!!! All my angels in Heaven have sent me Rustic Housecleaning Service... Thank You so much!!!

Donna Gorichs (5 Star)

It is so amazing not having to worry about the housework and being able to spend my time with my family instead!! Sandy does an amazing job and it's such a joy coming home to a nice clean home! Highly recommend her services!!

Megan Kozey (5 Star)

Sandy is my Angel! She helps me so very much! You will love her! She does a marvelous job! She's so fast at getting things done, and does an excellant job!

Laurie Teeters Kulesa (5 Star)


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